Through our structured and targeted lobbying

The Logistics Association aims to make an integrative and essential contribution to your logistics business through Lobbying.  Not only do we identify the key decision makers within government,  we will also keep you informed of new and proposed legislative changes that will affect the logistics industry.

TLA will help our members develop an effective political risk management strategy and ensure a competitive advantage.  To fully realize our members missions, we need to lobby for policies that protect and support their work and goals.

Working together in public policy arenas, the logistics industry as a whole gains increased recognition as a vital sector and as a core component of our communities, and as leaders.

By joining TLA we will offer policy makers the experience and expertise that is needed to fully inform the public dialogue.  The fact is that decisions will be made with or without our insights and knowledge.  TLA believes that it is our responsibility to ensure that when decisions are made that impact the logistics industry, we are part of the decision making process.

Why Is Lobbying Essential?

Lobbying is a much-needed mechanism and method that smoothens the interface between the government and the business.

Indeed, without lobbying, there would be a “dialogue of the deaf” wherein the government and the business worlds would be talking within themselves without any meaningful conversation.

Lobby is also an effective way to offer solutions

Elected officials are not always aware of the needs of certain groups within their community. Lobbyists make it possible to shed light on problematic situations. They can also offer solutions which can make an immediate, positive impact for those affected. That makes it easier for legislation to be crafted because the elected officials can rely on the research of the lobbyist instead of their own research to find a way forward.

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