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Our mandate is to provide members with the information about issues and trends they need to make smart decisions on how to run a successful logistics business.  The Logistics Association provides a wealth of insightful articles exploring intermodal trends and developments within the industry.  Each feature is written by professionals with proven practical experience in the world of logistics, whether that be land, sea, air, rail, warehousing or supply chain.

Through our relationship with My Logistics Magazine,  The Logistics Association will always be aware of new issues and developments as they arise.  Our thought leaders will not only help you interpret these issues but also provide you with valuable insight as to how these developments will impact your business.

All business owners will be familiar with the need to comply with regulations. However, the biggest problem for many entrepreneurs is the frequent changes to these rules.

Some businesses owners might regard regulations as just more red tape they must comply with when they’ve already got enough to think about, and they might not keep up with them like they should. However, not abiding by them can have heavy financial and legal consequences, and ignorance of the rules won’t be any defence, this is why keeping informed of any new changes is crucial to your business.

By joining The Logistics Association,  we will also help you promote stories about your business to showcase best practice and new services.  Our members news updates are published as part of our membership service.  When appropriate,  these articles may also be published in My Logistics Magazine at the editors discretion.  To find out more about this service,  please contact our chairman Kizzi Nkwocha at (