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Excellent credit history

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Have at least five employees

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Provide references which will be checked

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Willingness to share business with members

Membership Benefits

Networking throughout the industry

Joining TLA membership for our networking opportunities is one of the greatest benefits of being an Association member.   Attending meetings and social events hosted by The Logistics Association is a great way to connect with people in your field.  In every sector,  whether that is road, rail, sea, air,  warehousing or supply chain management,   who you know matters, and  The Logistics Association offers potential contacts, clients and partners who can help your business move to the next level and become more prominent in your sector.

Information about issues and trends

Our mandate is to provide members with the information about issues and trends they need to make smart decisions on how to run a successful logistics business.  The Logistics Association provides a wealth of insightful articles exploring intermodal trends and developments within the industry.

Through our structured and targeted lobbying

The Logistics Association aims to make an integrative and essential contribution to your logistics business through lobbying.  Not only do we identify the key decision makers within government,  we will also keep you informed of new and proposed legislative changes that will affect the logistics industry.   The combined resources of our members can be used to lobby lawmakers and sway public opinion more positively towards the goals of the association. With the increased level of government regulation in many industries, this is an absolute necessity for the survival of all businesses in the field.

Training and Education

Logistics is probably one of the fastest changing industries in the world.   Continued education and development is crucial in getting to the top and staying there. If your company is already a leader in the field, education is a key to remaining on top. This is especially true in any sector that involves a high level of technology, which almost all do in the fast-paced modern world.

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